Dr. Silvia Odorcic

Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Coach & Conscious Leader, living in Toronto, Canada.


As a Harvard trained MD, Dr. Silvia has over 15 years of experience treating patients with lifestyle related diseases ranging from diabetes to heart disease.

She is double board certified in Lifestyle Medicine & Ophthalmology. She is also certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and completed the Culinary Rx program. 

She graduated from Cornell University with a double major in English & Biology, and completed her medical training at the University of Toronto and Harvard Medical School.

She credits her beginnings to her incredible primary school teacher and lifelong friend Martha who encouraged her to attend the Bishop Strachan School in Toronto, where she first came across the idea that fueled her dreams - "girls can do anything."

She helps lead transformation through corporate wellness, 1:1 private coaching, and group coaching & course intensives curated to fuel change through community. 

For all those spiritual babes out there, she is an Aquarius with a Virgo rising & Cancer moon and leads with heart-centered intuition as an Emotional Generator in her Human Design. 

Dr. Silvia guides a growing community on Instagram, a group of brilliant and bold women that are dedicated to their health and next level expression of self.

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My Story

From Burned out Barely Surviving to Fully Embodied & Consciously Thriving


At the tail end of a decade of medical training, I was burned out, living off of cafeteria food and hadn't slept properly in years. The world had unleashed me to take care of patients but I was barely able to take care of myself. By a stroke of sheer luck, I turned on the documentary "What the Health" one night while cutting some chicken and the rest is history. The film was the spark. The new beginning I had subconsciously been waiting for. 

I dove into the world of plant-based nutrition, seeking evidence behind the claims that the documentary was making: that plant-based nutrition has the power to prevent, treat and even reverse almost all of the chronic diseases our society is living with today. I was skeptical. How had I never heard about this before? Four years after adopting a plant-based lifestyle, and many courses, certifications and books later, I can attest to the incredible power that nutrition has to completely shake up & transform our lives. 

For me, nutrition was just the beginning. But it was the spark that ignited my transformation. I am here to show you how to do the same. Because an incredibly strong, resilient and thriving body & mind is our absolute birthright. Health is the foundation of your power. It's where we start. But only you can show us where we go.