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Are you ready to uplevel your health but don't know where to begin? My name is Dr. Silvia Odorcic. I'm a Lifestyle Medicine MD whose passion is to help people live an *epic life* - and the foundation for success is total health optimization. Welcome to our Mastermind. It's once a month. It's free. And it could change your trajectory forever. All you need to do is to hop on our Zoom call. You in?

Our Next Total Health Mastermind is:

Wednesday August 25th at 7 PM EST

Mark your calendars now! You will get the most out of the call if you can show up live. If not, register anyway and I'll send you the replay. 

Plant-Based Nutrition

Want to get more plants on your plate? Ditch the processed food? Let's join together to learn how.


Fitness & Movement

Keeping a consistent fitness routine is key to health. Let's dial in your Fitness!

Stress Management

Want to become resilient and able to meet life's challenges with confidence?  Let's talk Mindfulness, Meditation & more! 

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