SuperCharge your Nutrition


How you Fuel your Body 

will change how you 

Live your Life


Welcome to SuperCharge your Nutrition, beautiful Soul. You are here because you know that what you put on your plate can become a powerful vehicle of transformation in your life. Yet there's so much confusing and conflicting nutrition information to sift through.  What should you eat? How much of it? Is intermittent fasting for you? Is oil OK? No worries. We've got you!

During the next 4 weeks, you will build a ROCK SOLID knowledge of Nutrition and start dialing in your nutrition goals. In 8 modules, you will learn the exact evidence-based principles I use as a Lifestyle Medicine physician to transform the nutrition & lifestyle of my patients and clients. These are not someone's opinion. These are rooted in research. GET READY to uplevel your nutrition game and feel confident in the choices you are making to fuel your body and mind.

Imagine If... were able to sift past nutrition misinformation with ease and had the fundamentals of plant-based nutrition locked in? had key nutrition concepts explained to you with clarity and backed with evidence-based medicine? could easily craft personalized nutrition goals that worked FOR YOU felt confident in the food choices you were making every day to fuel your body and mind

Let's Make

this Your Reality!


I'm Ready!

8 Online Trainings

Evidence-based knowledge that is a deep dive combined with practical, actionable takeaways in each module.

Workbook Integration

Exercises to help you integrate the knowledge, develop personalized goals, and track your progress. 

Exclusive Online Community

Connect with others in your group, find accountability & support and elevate the energy of the collective!

Is this You?


  • You feel tired or unmotivated but want to show up at work, at home or in personal life feeling energized
  • Feel like you are wasting too much time trying to figure out a roadmap of how to build a strong body & mind 
  • Feel confused by all the nutrition information and don't know who or what to believe
  • Recognize the importance of nutrition but fail to consistently implement dietary changes in your life
  • Realize that self-education is the key to your GROWTH and are ready to make an investment in yourself

If these statements speak to your heart, then...


Let's Start!

Let's Do This!


  • Understand measures of Body Weight & Composition
  • Learn how to complete a 24-hr Dietary Intake (and do one!)
  • Understand what constitutes a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet
  • Reframe Dietary Changes with a Positive Mindset 
  • Figure out if you are at risk for diabetes or chronic disease based on your current nutrition & lifestyle habits
  • Learn about Epigenetics: Our ability to flip genes on and off with lifestyle choices. The power is in YOUR hands!
  • Understand how to use Food as Medicine to prevent, treat and reverse diabetes and other chronic diseases
  • Learn about how to optimally prepare food and the types of food processing that contribute to disease
  • Explore the concept of Eating Mindfully
  • Understand what macronutrients are and how much of each you should be consuming
  • Learn about the benefits of whole grains versus refined carbs and start incorporating these into your daily life
  • Understand the concept of micronutrient density and start adding the most nutrient dense food to your diet
  • Understand which fats are healthy and where to get them
  • Explore whether added oil should be part of your diet
  • Learn about which foods contribute to Hypertension, Cholesterol and Cancer, and conversely, how to prevent and treat these diseases with food & lifestyle choices
  • Figure out what food choices contribute to Heart Disease (our #1 killer) and how you can prevent and even reverse it with nutrition and cholesterol modification
  • Integrate your new found nutrition knowledge to set personalized goals for yourself and follow-through with them!

About your Fearless Leader


Dr. Silvia is a Toronto-based MD board certified in Lifestyle Medicine. Silvia's soul mission is to INSPIRE, EDUCATE and EMPOWER women to step into their full power. Her passion is to help women lock in the healthy lifestyle habits to build the foundation for their success. Silvia has been plant-based for the past 4 years and it has 100% transformed her life in so many beautiful and unimaginable ways.

Silvia has over 15 years experience as an MD treating patients with chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. She holds a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and has completed the Culinary Rx program. 

Silvia graduated from Cornell University with a double major in English & Biology, and completed her medical training at the University of Toronto and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Silvia is committed to your growth & transformation. Are you in? 

I'm Ready!

How is This Course Different?


  • Instead of overwhelming you with excessive knowledge, it gives you condensed and curated info to fuel your change
  • Instead of being someone's opinion, it is evidence based and rooted in Lifestyle Medicine principles
  • Instead of ignoring results, workbook integration helps you map out and crush your goals, driving results
  • Instead of failing to address obstacles, it prevents you from relapsing into old habits by tackling challenges
  • Instead of ignoring your progress, it keeps you accountable through workbook integration, and online community support 
  • Instead of being dry and boring, it is crafted with aesthetics in mind since design and beauty enhance learning
  • Instead of catering to everyone, it is crafted with heart-centered women in mind, to help you align with your true values and live a life rooted in love & compassion

By the End of this Journey.. will have a rock solid understanding of plant-based nutrition and how it can propel you towards health will have created personalized nutrition goals to build your strongest body & mind will know how to leverage support systems to keep your nutrition habits on track and keep you accountable will show up in your life with ENERGY and CONFIDENCE

...and other transformations specific only to you as the magnificently unique being you are

Let's Do This!

Colorado R.

Founder, Celestial Showers Soaps

"I completed this experience while pregnant, and my body has never felt so alive, healthy, and my own—even though I'm sharing it with my baby. Silvia helped me prioritize my future by prioritizing my nutrition. I've never had a more effective teacher!  I will carry this experience with me forever."

Madeline H. 

Forest Ranger

"The course has opened my eyes so much to what I have been missing in my diet, and how to mentally strengthen myself. When you take the time, like in this course, to sit down and look at your goals, even the healthiest person can find something to benefit from."

So honored to begin this journey with you, beauties!!!